Using a propagator to grow chili peppers

In order to give chili peppers the best possible start in life, many gardeners like to use a propagator. A propagator is a machine which is like a plastic box, often with a variable temperature control, which can create a warm and moist environment for the seeds to germinate in.

Setting up a propagator to grow chillies in is simple. First make sure that your propagator is clean inside and out.

Next add a layer of clean and damp sand into the tray of the machine.

Spread the sand out flat, so that it is roughly 20mm thick.

Turn on the heat and put your plant pots inside!

Tip: I like to heat my prepared plant pots in the propagator before sewing the seeds. It’s a bit like adding a hot water bottle to your bed a couple of hours before getting in, and we want to keep our chili pepper seeds happy!

The temperature at which chili pepper seeds will germinate varies depending on the variety, with milder peppers working around 70 degrees farenheit (21 celsius) and spicier chillies preferring as hot as 80 degrees or more. If you can achieve a steady 75 degrees in your propagator, you won’t be too far wrong, especially if you plan on growing a range of peppers.